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West Virginia University School of Medicine

Ogaga is a medical student at West Virginia University and has completed his second year.He intends to pursue a residency in neurosurgery and intends to integrate clinical research into his practice.To this end,他目前正在接受临床和转化科学硕士学位(临床研究),他的大部分研究是神经外科。他从高中起就对艺术和人文科学感兴趣,并在大学期间开始欣赏各种形式的艺术作品讲述的令人心酸的故事。他喜欢观察各种艺术形式,积极写诗(受他对维多利亚文学的热爱影响)。He came to realize that patients and clinicians may have their own stories to tell and that the arts and humanities can help all stakeholders better connect with stories of healthcare.在这种情况下,他目前参与了两个项目,旨在使用叙述医学来提高患者的生活质量。

The Good Doctor Williams and His Doctor Stories

“Look,you're not out on a four-year picnic at that medical school,so stop talking like a disappointed lover.你报名参加了一个训练班,他们会把它发给你的,你所能做的就是拿走他们所有的东西,everything they hand to you,and tell yourself how lucky you are to be on the receiving end — so you can be a doctor,这也算是值得担心的代价,精疲力竭。”“

安妮鲁滨孙 安妮·罗宾逊(52 Posts)



安妮·罗宾逊于2014年在哥伦比亚大学完成了叙事医学硕士学位。她曾在纽约大学加拉廷个性化研究学院(NYU'sGallatin School of Individualized Study)读本科时研究过故事的愈合能力。Annie works as Narrative Coaching Specialist with饮食失调康复专家,helping individuals in the early stages of eating disorder recovery through mindfulness,meditation,yoga,and narrative practices.她同时也是Health Story Collaborative,一个非营利性组织,为个人创建论坛,讲述个人健康挑战的故事,策划另一个口头叙述项目康复之路:饮食失调康复社区的声音.Annie is a coordinator and full-spectrum doula for杜拉项目在纽约市,在堕胎期间为妇女提供同情的照顾,miscarriage,and fetal loss.As a yoga teacher,writer,educator,纽约市健康社区联合创始人Pause,Breathe,并连接,安妮分享了她对综合福利方法的热情。她致力于为人们创造空间,探索故事交织的治愈潜力,灵性,以及身体经验。


内部故事是一个口头叙述项目,邀请医学生以发布和存档的简短播客的形式分享他们在医学院的经历。bepaly手机官网.The project aims to provide a means of personal healing,通过分享和接收个人故事来实现自我意识和增强能力,以及在经常被隔离的医学院环境中培养学生的社区。The title内部故事reflects the project's mission to encourage students to go inside themselves and bring forth things that often go unspoken.It also represents the inside look listeners are granted into the sometimes private,学生可能有挑战性和困惑性的经历。Made possible in part by a grant from the Arnold P.黄金基金会和FJC。