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我是盖辛格联邦医学院的三年级医学生。我喜欢学习医学,bepaly手机官网but when I need a break I enjoy hiking,锻炼身体,滑雪板,and Netflix.

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness in Medical School: Yes,It's Worth It

现在有很多关于正念的讨论-它的重要性,bepaly手机官网它的有效性,冥想的好处,甚至是由此引起的大脑结构变化。(Do you want a less reactive amygdala and increased neuronal density in the hippocampus?Meditate!) It's one thing to read bepaly手机官网about the benefits of doing something,但正如许多人所知,it's another thing to actually apply it and understand it.So how can medical students use stress reduction strategies"in the context of the high-stakes,医学院的高压力和有限时间环境。”“

Idea Worship: Mindfulness in Medical School

Eyes closed,浅呼吸。A serene,法国南部荒芜的海滩,在不久的将来。孩子们在很远的地方玩耍,他们的笑声被风吹到附近的悬崖上,它掠过高耸的悬崖,在我耳边轻轻地回响。Waves gently sweeping across the land,产生瞬态,unique impressions in the sand…again and again.我的手指慢慢地与别人的手指交织在一起,and I am gratified by a …

A Mind Based Approach to Addiction Treatment

成瘾是一种慢性疾病,其特征是使用精神源性物质,尽管其使用会带来负面后果。生物依赖以渴望为特征,increased dose and/or frequency of use due to tolerance,停止滥用药物后出现戒断症状。Addicts gain pleasure via the neurotransmitter dopamine,which is released from the ventral tegmental area of the brain and into the nucleus accumbens.This reward encourages and solidifies the addictive behavior and …

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Curator of里面的故事bepaly手机官网工作人员


安妮·罗宾逊于2014年在哥伦比亚大学完成了叙事医学硕士学位。她曾在纽约大学加拉廷个性化研究学院(NYU'sGallatin School of Individualized Study)读本科时研究过故事的愈合能力。Annie works as Narrative Coaching Specialist with饮食失调康复专家,helping individuals in the early stages of eating disorder recovery through mindfulness,meditation,yoga,and narrative practices.她同时也是Health Story Collaborative,一个非营利性组织,为个人创建论坛,讲述个人健康挑战的故事,策划另一个口头叙述项目康复之路:饮食失调康复社区的声音.Annie is a coordinator and full-spectrum doula for杜拉项目在纽约市,在堕胎期间为妇女提供同情的照顾,miscarriage,and fetal loss.As a yoga teacher,writer,educator,and co-founder of NYC-based wellness communityPause,Breathe,并连接,安妮分享了她对综合福利方法的热情。She is dedicated to creating spaces for people to explore the healing potential of interweaving of stories,spirituality,以及身体经验。


里面的故事是一个口头叙述项目,邀请医学生以发布和存档的简短播客的形式分享他们在医学院的经历。bepaly手机官网.The project aims to provide a means of personal healing,通过分享和接收个人故事来实现自我意识和增强能力,以及在经常被隔离的医学院环境中培养学生的社区。The title里面的故事反映了该项目的使命,即鼓励学生进入自己的内心,并提出一些往往不说出口的东西。It also represents the inside look listeners are granted into the sometimes private,challenging and confusing experiences students may have.Made possible in part by a grant from the Arnold P.黄金基金会和FJC。