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Tim Corcoran (1文章)

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Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

I'm a third year medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.I love learning bepaly手机官网about medicine,but when I need a break I enjoy hiking,working out,snowboarding,and Netflix.

Her Wardrobe

In high school,I was obsessed with wearing only vintage clothing.After hours of painstakingly searching every clothing rack at Goodwill,I would find a well-worn baseball jersey or an elaborately bejeweled Christmas sweater.I felt a sense of immense pride in reclaiming someone else's memories — their winning games,their holiday parties – in an attempt to express my"uniqueness".

Ashten Duncan Ashten Duncan (5 Posts)

Medical Student Editor and Former Managing Editor (2017-2018)

OU-TU School of Community Medicine

Ashten Duncan is a MD/MPH student at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine located in Tulsa,Oklahoma.A 2018-2019 Albert Schweitzer Fellow,he is currently in the public health stage of his training.He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma,where he completed a B.S.in Microbiology alongside minors in Chemistry and French.An aspiring family physician,Ashten is currently on a National Health Service Corps scholarship,which entails a four-year term of service in an underserved community following residency training in primary care.His research interests include hope theory,burnout in medical education,and positive psychology in vulnerable populations.Ashten is passionate bepaly手机官网about creative writing and what it represents.He has published pieces on KevinMD.com and bepaly手机官网in-Training.org and in Blood and Thunder and the upcoming edition of The Practical Playbook.